About Us

VIC Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 28th December 1990 and commenced business thereafter as a dealer in Fire Fighting Engineering and Equipment. We have continued to grow each year in line with the growing demand for sophisticated Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment.
Today, VIC Engineering Sdn Bhd poised as one of the leader not only in marketing and distributing wide range of novel Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment but also commited to provide consultancy for projects requiring our Pre-Engineered Design and Schematic Hydraulic Calculation.

The market will continue to grow at an enormous pace but local manufacturing for its components and parts are limited. We reviewed this as another opportunity for us to further expand into the manufacturing sector. We have successfully initiated our own strategy into manufacturing our very own hosereel hose and a joint associate with Southern lndustrial Gas Sdn Bhd producing carbon dioxide and other industrial grade gases.

With our extensive exploration and experience in the field of fire fighting systems and equipment supplies, we have successfully developed our own market share for the following Products:

  • VIKING Sprinklers System
  • VIC NAF S125 Fire Suppression System for normally occupied area
  • FE-13 Fire Suppression Systems for normally occupied area
  • HYGOOD FM-200/ NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression System for normally occupied area
  • NAF S-lll Fire Suppression System for normally occupied area
  • PYRO-CHEM Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System for kitchen hood systems
  • AQUAMIST Watermist Fire Suppression System
  • SKUM Foam Fire Fighting System
  • Manufacturing & Distribution of Hosereel Hose and other fire fighting equipments
What We Seek To Achieve

Since our very first days of operation, we have focused on quality as one of our core corporate objectives. We are driven by adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance that promote and ensure reliability, compliance, and accountability throughout all our design, manufacturing and delivery processes.

To achieve total customer satisfaction by fully understand and exceed their needs, provide greater value to our customers than our competitors. We strongly believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and services.

To magnetize and retain people, who epitomize the highest standards of excellence and integrity is one of our primary objective. We are committed to give all our employees a lively working environment and full empowerment to carry out their duties. The management encourage and support periodical training for all our staff.

Operating Excellence
VIC Engineering Sdn Bhd and Gemtex Sdn Bhd are committed to continuing improvement of our products and services to increased customer satisfaction as well as to ensure compliance with the Quality Management System and statutory and regulatory requirements. By implement initiatives and innovative across our business segments, we seek continual improvement and aim to enhance our growth within the firefighting industry so as to position ourselves as the leader in this industry.