Company Profile


VIC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 28th September 1990 and has commenced thereafter as a dealer of a wide range of novel fire fighting engineering and equipment.

Realizing the demand in the market for consultation on fire suppression systems, VIC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. had on 1st January 2004 widen their business to cover installation assistance and consultancy for projects that require a pre-engineered and engineered fire systems and hydraulic flow calculation, in order to provide a more comprehensive services in the ever developing industry to ensure customer's satisfaction, continual trust and confidence,  At VIC, total customer satisfaction is the driving factor in determining the Company's Quality Policy.

Committed in acquiring a prominent place in the industry, VIC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has worked towards being accredited with full ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification to ensure the quality of service delivered to the customer is of distinctive and internationally recognized standard.  This has duly been achieved since year 2002 and has been maintained without a glitch to date.

VIC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. also observed that the market will continue to grow at an enormous pace but local manufacturing for its components and parts are limited.  Therefore, VIC has started sourcing for the components and parts from renowned and established manufacturers worldwide in order to present the best options and varieties of products within the required and recognized standards.

Today,  VIC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has developed a reputation for quality service and operation, specializing in fields of fire protections; it carries out work for a wide of clients, both from governmental and pulic based organizations in line with our corporate policy.

" Total Quality Management to Achieve Zero Defect "


With our extensive exploration and experience in the field of fire fighting systems and equipment supplies, we have successfully developed our own market share for the following products;-

  • VIKING Sprinklers Systems:

    Viking is firmly established as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fore sprinkler systems. Viking provides wide range of sprinklers, valves and systems that will cater to all needs and requirement. Viking’s product is ISO 9002 certified and carry multiple international approvals like UL, FM, LPCB, VDS, etc.

  • PROTECTOR Sprinklers Systems:

    As one of the biggest manufacturer of fire sprinkler system in Taiwan, Protector Sprinklers is available in several styles, finishes, temperature ratings and orifice size to meet varying design requirement. It is ISO 9001 certified & complies with the UL standards and approved by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA).

  • CO2 Systems:

    It consists of liquefied CO2 gas, seamless cylinders, releasing units, nozzles and accessories like looping and discharge hoses, fire curtain and tripping devices. It shall be designed, installed and maintained as per NFPA standard No. 12 to ensure that it is used safety and effectively.

  • FE-13® Fire Suppression Systems:

    The system is safe for use in occupied area as it poses no health safety risk. It is an alternative to Halon 1301 and listed in the NFPA 2001 code for clean agents. FE-13™ is ISO 14520 certified and complies with the UL and FM standards. It is environmental friendly, electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive and residue free.

  • HYGOOD FM-200® Fire Suppression Systems:

    Approved by the UL, FM, LPCB and Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA). The agent is environmental friendly and has zero effect on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and it is a colorless, odorless gas that leaves no particles and residue. The product is in compliance with ISO 14520. Our UL-Certified FM200 (HFC227ea) Filling station is approved by TYCO for filling/ refilling of FM200 (HFC 227ea) in Malaysia.

  • NAF S-III® Fire Suppression Systems:

    NAF S-III is a blend of Halocarbons and a patented detoxifying additive. The blend has been carefully formulated in order to optimize both the physical and extinguishing characteristics closely to Halon 1301 as a replacement agent in total flooding systems. It is approved for usage in Malaysia by the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE), TNB, BOMBA and recognized by NFPA 2001, USEPA and ULC.

  • NAF S 125 ® Fire Suppression Systems:

    NAF S 125 is a mixture of HFC125 and a small quantity of patented detoxifying additive unlike Halon 1301, it does not deplete the Ozone layer (ODP=O) and has been included in the US EPA SNAP list (Significant New Alternatives Program). A NAF S 125 system is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Malaysia Fire & Rescue Department (Bomba).


    The Kitchen Knight® II systems offer breakthrough technology in the Industry’s most flexible and effective suppression systems. The agent is a potassium carbonate based water solution that knocks the flame down for kitchen cooking areas. Tested and approved by the most particular connoisseurs such as UL, NFPA Standard 17A, NFPA Standard 96 and the Malaysian Fire & Rescue Department (BOMBA).


  • HYDRANT SYSTEMS (Pillar Hydrant, Hose Cradle, Nozzle, Cabinet & Canvas Hose).
  • DRY RISER SYSTEMS (Screw Landing Valve, Breaching Inlet, Breaching Cabinet).
  • WET RISER SYSTEM (4 ways Breaching Inlet, 4 ways Breaching Cabinet, Stanley PPV, Gate Valve, Check Valve).
  • HOSEREEL SYSTEMS (Hosereel Drum, Hosereel Cabinet, Nozzle Box, Hosereel Nozzle).
  • FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS (Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Optical Detector, Flashing Light, Alarm Bell, Breakglass, Control Panel, Keyswitch, Smoke Tester).
  • CO2 FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT (Sprinkler Rossette, Flow Meter, Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge and all type of fire extinguisher).

We are also able to provide Enclosure Integrity Test services to predict how long the clean agent would stay in the room if it were ever discharge.  The test is performed using some portable devices comprising of pressure gauges, variable speed door-fan blower and a dedicated computer calculation software written that conform to NFPA 2001 and 12A appendix B procedure.